An elephant never forgets …………

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Have you ever wondered how animal trainers used to control a five tonne elephant? They did it by controlling the animal’s thinking. When a baby elephant was being trained, a rope was tied around its leg and then tied to a wooden post which was securely fixed in the ground.”

An elephant never forgets...

UCB – 5th February 2013

The article then explains how the baby elephant, not being very strong would struggle and struggle and find that it could never free itself. So eventually the animal would learn to believe that to ‘struggle was futile’ and that it could not break free.

Fast forward, now to a fully grown elephant, weighing five- tonnes or so, whenever it was tied by a rope to a wooden post it always believed that it could not break free. It remembered the struggle and though it had the strength and capability to break free, it would never try.

How many of us I wonder, are now in the position to ‘break free’ and fulfil our potential, but have learnt not to try?

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