Confidence coaching

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At Blue Sky Career Consulting, Janice Taylor works with busy professional women to help them thrive in their work and life.

So, if you find yourself:

  • Lacking confidence in your abilities
  • Never quite getting to where you want to be
  • Struggling to manage your time and energy
  • Frustrated that you are not moving forward
  • Sensing that you could be achieving so much more
  • Struggling with your lack of self-belief


When I met with Janice, I was in a job that I had ‘fallen’ into as an office temp, and had been there for over five years. I had become stuck in a comfortable rut and had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go next in my career. I had looked into countless courses as well but never bitten the bullet and gone back to study.

Janice helped me to sit back and take stock of exactly why I was feeling so unfulfilled, with an in-depth discussion about my strengths, weaknesses, interests and skills. With her assistance, I realised that my job was not meeting some of my key requirements for job satisfaction and that I would be much better suited in a different area.

The next morning I felt full of confidence and motivation, and I applied for a new job within my company that I would previously have thought was beyond my reach. I was successful and am now working in a role that I find genuinely exciting, while managing a team of my own. I am also earning a higher rate of pay, so a course is now within my reach.

With speaking to Janice, I would never have applied for the job I am now in. I can’t thank her enough.

Sian French, Business Support Team Leader

How Janice works

Janice’s focus at Blue Sky is on helping her clients generate the focus and energy they need to move towards the future they want for themselves. So whether you need to:

  • Identify and leverage your strengths
  • Develop your confidence and resilience
  • Find ways to work so you can ‘live.’
  • Find a new direction
  • Rekindle your ‘spark.’

The real power behind any coaching lies in the questions asked and the answers that each person sets out to find. With work and career, coaching conversations include self-assessment surveys, personality questionnaires and creative visualisation exercises as alternative ways of getting each individual to think more broadly and deeply about their situation.

Some of my friends were puzzled when I said I was going for careers counselling. I was in my 40s, had a PhD, and what seemed an interesting and worthwhile job. What they didn’t realise was that many of my jobs had followed a pattern. I tended to start well, but would gradually lose enthusiasm and confidence, and move on, often after only 2 or 3 years.

Janice at Blue Sky helped me to focus on my core values (and identify why I had felt so unhappy in some of the jobs I had expected to enjoy) and taught me some more effective techniques for dealing with those days (which all of us have) when you make a hash of things and start to wonder if you’re any good.

I’ve now been in my current job five years, have been promoted twice, and lead a highly successful and motivated team of people. I’d recommend careers counselling to anyone, and I’m only sorry I didn’t do it years ago.

Academic Researcher

The practicalities

Coaching packages for self-funded individuals – corporate rates are available on request.

Your Career MoT –  your investment of £450

Six one-hour sessions:- Take a breath and fully assess where you are now, with your values, skills, beliefs and aspirations.

Your Career Destination –  your investment of £300

Four one-hour sessions, start to dream, explore and design your future.

Your Career Plan – your investment of £225

Three one-hour sessions, make it happen, plan for and identify what might get in the way and the resources you have at your disposal.

Each of the Coaching packages is delivered online with ongoing email support between sessions for accountability. Each will be tailored to meet your needs and enable you to:

  • Assess your current situation and gain perspective
  • Identify and prioritise the actions you need to take
  • Make the changes that need to be made with renewed confidence and focus