Coaching for Business Owners

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Janice works with business owners and those aspiring to run their own businesses. She supports her clients as they gain clarity in the direction they want to take and how they are going to take to get there.

Perhaps as a business or aspiring business owner, you:

  • Lack, of confidence in your abilities to start/move on with your business
  • Are very excited at the prospect but not clear on how and where to start
  • Need to find a bit of direction
  • Want to take stock of where you are and where you want to be
  • Noticed your energy and excitement have dropped
  • Are asking yourself where next?

Janice coached me as I was about to leave my employment in order to set up my consultancy and embark on a new career. She was encouraging and thoughtful and also very skilled when it came to probing and asking the right questions, which helped me to focus on what I had to do in terms of planning and organising my future. I can highly recommend Janice as a coach.

Nina Alburquerque  – HR Consultant

How Janice works

Janice’s helps women business owners to generate the focus and energy they need to move forward. So whether you need to:

  • Gain clarity and focus
  • Identify and leverage strengths
  • Develop and enhance resilience
  • Manage through a period of disruptive change

The real power behind any coaching lies in the questions asked and the answers that each person sets out to find.

Coaching conversations are mixed with self-assessment surveys and personality questionnaires as alternative ways of getting each individual to think more broadly and deeply about their situation.

Janice also uses, where applicable, a range of straightforward, practical models that help people to make sense of their situation; examples include:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Energy Investment Model
  • Hudson Renewal Cycle
  • Values Elicitation Exercise

I had reached a point in my life where I needed a purpose and to reassess what I wanted to do with my future.

I lacked the confidence and the direction on where and how to find it.

Janice dug deep into finding my strengths and brought them to the fore through discussion, practical help and being a good counsel.

I never had the confidence to apply for University before, and Janice encouraged me to look at the wider options available that would fit my skills and experience.

I successfully applied for an MA. Coaching helped me develop both my business and personal confidence, my creativity and my ability to value my ideas and take them forward. Nothing is impossible anymore.

Small Business Owner

The practicalities

Individual coaching packages are available in blocks of three sessions and are online, with ongoing email support in between. Each series is specially tailored to meet your individual needs and combines coaching with assessment questionnaires that will help you to:

  • Take stock of your current situation
  • Identify where you want to be
  • Move forward with renewed energy and focus

A package of three coaching sessions, one hour each, is £225 for self-funded individuals.

As Managing Director of a small management consultancy beginning a period of complex change and transition, Janice provided me with coaching support which was extremely helpful. Having monthly sessions with Janice helped me to identify the key issues in the change process and gave me time away from the detail of the business to think through how I was going to approach them.

In particular, I had a difficult situation where Janice helped me to find the right words and gave me the impetus and confidence to deliver a negative message and close down the situation in as amicable a way as possible. This has been achieved successfully.

Janice is very approachable, while also asking perceptive and challenging questions which I found invaluable in my struggle to achieve change and manage the transition to the next stage of business and personal growth.

I highly recommend Janice and would be happy to answer any further queries from potential clients.

Julia Tybura, Managing Director – Zenon Consulting