The power of networking and building relationships………..

This month I’m going to take the opportunity to introduce a business that I came across through my local meet up, Ask Me Anything Digital, Hove.

For the past ten years, Geraldine has been establishing her business,  Refocus-workshops delivering a range of workshops all related to complementary therapies.


But what she also offers and the reason why I am writing about this today is the opportunity for people to retrain and become certified therapists in their own right.

An opportunity for people to re-invent themselves and build a business of their own. This is what excites and energises me about people like Geraldine, she is all about ‘teaching people to fish‘ rather than just offering people a plateful of food.

She also gave me the idea of creating a resource area for my site, something that is genuinely helpful for people to access and share, so thank you Geraldine. I will be developing this over the coming weeks. Particularly as this approach supports the values and aspirations of my own business, Blue Sky Career Consulting, , coaching, mentoring, training people to take greater control and ownership of their careers and lives.

So if you want to find out more about the range of courses on offer at refocus, please do visit

And watch this space for resources…..

Until next time

Janice Taylor