Blue Sky Update – November 2023

At the end of a month, when I received one piece of fantastic news and one piece of heartbreaking news in the same week, I was reminded that life is precious, and you never quite know what is around the corner. In any case, here is my round-up for November as a coach, writer, and human being.

Rethinking your career

Every few months or so, I like to reshare the link to my Trello site – Rethink Your Career, and because it is nowhere near a full-blown database, I have tried to keep the format simple and straightforward to use.

Thanks to Trello, I can store and share helpful articles related to career change as I come across them. And it is now possible to search a board by a specific topic to find all relevant cards/articles. Trello is the tool that keeps giving. I have boards for all sorts of things, from blog posts and story ideas to Twitter quotes.

But back to Rethink your Career – the latest addition is a book title and link to an interview with Herminia Ibarra about reinventing your career. The link to the resource can be found here.

And sharing every so often reminds me to go in and check links – see which areas are looking a bit thin and see what I can usefully add.

Out of curiosity, who else is a big fan of Trello, and what difference is it making to how you work?

Squid Game

Am I the only one to feel they have somehow stumbled into an episode of the Squid Game?

For those who didn’t see the original Netflix series in 2021, Squid Game revolves around a secret contest where the players, all in deep financial hardship, risk their lives to play a series of deadly children’s games.

Squid Game was a fantastic drama series I could dip in and out of as I chose. It is bloody, so there were times when I needed to press pause. But across the board, the acting was superb, the action brilliantly paced, and you never quite knew what would happen next.

I still remember the casual cruelty shown by the game organisers and their complete disregard for the human beings they were toying with – which brings me to my point. Squid Game does not work well in the real world. But this is what I see today within the UK: a lack of care and concern for us, the ordinary people of this country. Channel 4’s Partygate shockingly showed the lack of respect for ordinary people.

Where is the care, compassion, integrity, strategic thinking, and decency in our current administration? Where is it?

So, I’ll ask again: do you feel you are living through an episode of the Squid Game?

I’m glad to get that off my chest – well, for now, at least.

Finding peace and solace in the everyday

As this year has worn on, I have felt the need to seek peace and solace every day, those small moments where you stop, breathe, and notice. With the world as it is today, this is my way of coping because, in all honesty, I don’t feel that optimistic about our leaders and how they are wielding the power they have.

So, the random and eclectic list of things that help keep me grounded is in my latest post on Pittabread.

It includes ironing of all things 😊.

It works for me, but what would you include in yours?

Calm before the storm.

Enjoying the calm before the storm at Oddicombe Beach yesterday – thank you, Torquay. Despite the rain, we’ve had a lovely stay. I’ll be back refreshed and recharged.

Until next month.