Blue Sky Update – June 2023

What a difference a week makes – as I am just back from a week in the sun, here is my round-up for June as a coach, writer, and human being.

Windrush Day –

I have some catching up to do with the programmes around the Windrush celebrations, but I was unbelievably moved by The Repair Shop’s special edition last night. Every item that came in for repair by the children of the Windrush generation took me back to my childhood, from the mantelpiece clock to the radiogram.

So today, I am raising a glass to my parents, Hyacinth and Patrick.

Rethink your career.

I have talked about Trello before, but I continue to find it a valuable tool for keeping track of ideas, articles, planning etc.

Now that I have had a chance to tidy it up and hopefully make it a little more user-friendly within the platform, I am sharing this link again for those who might be reviewing their next steps. And want to think about their strengths, values, dreams, purpose, and challenges.

I should say that many of the articles are from my careeresilience blog – but there is some helpful stuff there, nonetheless.

I plan to fill any gaps with the most relevant articles as I find them, and if anyone has any other article suggestions, I am happy to include those too.

Bouquet and coffee

 This week I want to show appreciation for my website designer, Cassie, from byCassia. Because in the past month, someone hacked into and inserted some malicious code into my site. Thank goodness I could call on @Cassie’s professionalism, expertise, and help – not sure how I would have managed, especially as my host company were not that helpful or responsive.

Cassie’s responsiveness and we’ll get this sorted approach was just what I needed.

So, who would you offer a bouquet and coffee to this week?

Thank you again, Cassie, and for those looking to revamp or create a new website – you can check out her work here. 

Are you on automatic pilot?

I am close to completing Shirzad Chamine’s seven-week course on Positive Intelligence. Designed to help coaches first understand how they might be sabotaging themselves and then how they can develop strategies to build their positive intelligence and that of others.

It might sound a little woo-woo, but these last few months, when life has been more stressful than usual, those strategies have helped tremendously. Particularly the one about getting out of your head by focusing on one of your five senses for ten seconds. It has helped me realise how much of what I think and do is automatic. Noticing this has made an enormous difference.

Just noticing our unhelpful thoughts and shifting to our physical senses can slow us down and put us in a more resourceful state. It has been a real game-changer for me, and I’m intrigued to see how it continues to impact my life.

Until next month