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Vulnerability and Leadership

This month’s post from careerresilience: Recently, I have been reflecting on the relationship between vulnerability and leadership, for two reasons, really: One, after years of

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What happens when someone asks for our help?….

Have been fascinated by the reactions and responses to these posts, which in general have ranged from the encouraging, ‘keep at it. Don’t give up’; through to signposting to helpful information, right through to offers of practical help. All of which, from what I can see has been gratefully received, but it has made me reflect on how we might respond when faced with a direct request for help.

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Time for a new chapter? …………Part One

The Renewal Cycle model as conceived by Frederic Hudson describes our lives in terms of chapters each with four phases:

Heroic: or ‘go for it’
Disillusioned or ‘stuck in the doldrums’
Reflective or ‘looking inward’
Revitalised or ‘taking on/moving forward‘

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Be your own Rainbow…. How to Thrive

Be your own rainbow, how to thrive when you just don’t feel like it. The very early stages of writing my book, aimed at women in their fifties determined to thrive and make the most of their lives.

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