What’s happening in your world?

Your world
Your world

Today’s blog is posing some questions for you to address, to see what emerges as you seek out your answers. These questions are based on an exercise I regularly use with clients, called ‘my world now’. It is an exercise where I encourage individuals and groups alike to draw a picture of their world on a large piece of paper (with as many different colours as possible) and to use some of the questions below as inspiration for their pictures:

So thinking about your life, career and work what would your picture look like?
1. What is energising and exciting you?

2. What is draining, sapping your energy?

3. What are you currently tolerating, for the sake of it?

4. What is scaring you?

5. What is making you leap out of bed in the morning?

6. What is your general/prevalent mood?

7. What are you focusing on?

8. Where are you directing your attention, mainly?

9. What is giving you the greatest satisfaction currently?

10. What are grateful for today?

In response to number 10. There is always, always something.

Over the years I have seen many pictures from beautifully crafted pieces of art, to those containing stick figures and blobs of colour. This does not matter, what does matter is that this is your story in all its glory. So how is it going to continue?

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