Blue Sky Update – October 2019

This month’s recap of my life as a career coach, writer and human being.

Update: – Friday 6th Sept 2019

A mixed bag this week, with a bit of an sh*t start, (no details because of safeguarding and confidentiality), seeing how one stupid mistake from a young woman has had significant consequences for her. Disappointing to see this and shows what can happen in a single moment.

Things better, towards the end of the week, with time to catch up with admin, messages, writing and sleep!

So, how’s your week, been?

Update: – Friday 13th September 2019

When were you last taken completely by surprise?

For me it was last Saturday, having finally, been persuaded by our daughter to play a couple of games of Laser tag. Had no idea that at the age of 55, I’d enjoy darting about with a laser gun in both hands, sniping at the people in the opposing teams.

I was so involved that within ten minutes I’d already broken the rules one and five; about no running and no swearing. Can’t remember the three in between. But had to watch my language as Brighton Laserzone, was packed with small children.

Unfortunately, despite my enthusiasm, my score was dismal, but something to build on for next time.

And yes, I will be doing it again.

So, if you are looking to try something new with your career, get in contact

Update: Friday 20th September

What a lovely way to finish another working week, with clear blue skies down in Brighton. Not a bad week. Starting with a shift at the supported housing project on Monday, volunteering on Tuesday afternoon, a cheeky mid-week trip to see Downton Abbey, Maggie Smith was outstanding. Thursday, Friday it was all writing and interview prep for a new client. One that came through a contact I made through LinkedIn a few years ago, now. So, thank you again, LinkedIn ????.

Update: – Friday 27th September

Maybe I’m having a moment but am quietly determined to streamline and simplify my life. Get rid of the noise and unwanted stuff that is cluttering up my home and airways.