The tube strike and my search for ‘inner peace’



As luck would have it I had to be in London for the two days of the tube strike a few weeks ago and boy, did I have to dig deep to find some ‘inner peace’. The strike did turn my normally straight forward journey into a bit of a drama with lots of plan A,B and Cs to cover a whole host of possible scenarios. But I am glad that by and large I decided to accept as fact that my travel journey was likely to be disrupted, uncomfortable and a little fraught. If I could have stayed at home I would have done, but this was simply not possible this time around, so I decided to ‘suck it up’ , take it on the chin and try to achieve some ‘inner peace’ whilst travelling. It wasn’t easy but I think I did manage it at times.

Picture: Taken by my daughter, in case you are in need of some ‘inner peace’.