Teaching our girls bravery not perfection……………. Ted talk

Could not resist sharing this amazing Ted Talk by Reshma Saujani, the founder of ‘Girls who code’. In her inspiring talk she explains why it is so important for us to teach our girls to be brave. To teach them to take ‘big bold’ steps. To show them how to move away from the idea of getting things 100 percent right, first time. The importance of just ‘giving things a go’ and taking those first steps.

I see this need for ‘perfection’ all around me as a parent, a career coach and a business owner.  In the world today, it is no longer realistic or even sustainable. More and more organisations, the market place, individuals and businesses are looking for agility, flexibility and creativity. This is not going to happen, if people are continually waiting for ‘perfection’.

A powerful and inspiring Ted talk I hope you find the time to watch and enjoy. Please also feel free to share on your social media channels.

Until next time….