One very proud mum………..

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Am writing to acknowledge the corner my daughter turned recently, in terms of her asserting herself and being able to ‘hold her space’ when she needed to.

We had talked in the past about how she might handle certain situations, but I guess there is a huge difference between talking it through with your mum and actually doing it when needed.
So I was really pleased when she described an incident and how she was able to respond assertively, without getting into an argument.

Reminded me of the assertiveness training I was involved in some years back now, about the importance of ‘holding your space’. Stating your case in terms of observable facts and doing so calmly and with clarity.

For my daughter it was important for her not to get into heated discussion or debate but simply to state her case and then walk away with her ‘head held high’.
From what she was able to tell me, she was neither aggressive nor submissive either in her tone or body language.

She was able to walk away feeling that she had made her point and I know she felt resilient and strong in that moment.

I am hoping that she can continue to learn from this and feel she can do this again if needed.

So if this is something you would like to work on, do get in contact.