It’s never just about the notes or the words….

This month’s post from careerresilience….

Have been learning to play the piano for about seven years now, the first three of which I had an amazing piano teacher, Emily.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons it has not been possible for me to continue with weekly lessons. Luckily for me,  I realised very quickly that even though Emily isn’t with me physically, she has in fact left me with an ‘internal’ piano teacher and I still hear her ‘teaching’ at points when I am practising.

She has left me with enough knowledge, experience and motivation to continue practising and learning new pieces on my own for the past three years. My plan is to go back to lessons when circumstances permit, but for the moment I have enough to be ‘going on’ with.

So, this for me is what coaching is all about, helping people to develop their inner resources and their ‘internal’ coach.

When I started as a career coach, seventeen years ago and this still holds true today my intention was to help people to create a long-term vision for their career and develop the habits and approaches that would get them there.

People would get what they needed to ‘fly and soar‘ with their careers, it was rarely just about the immediate job, but more about helping people to build for their futures.

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