Making the most of 2014!

small_4069906084After the excitement of the festive season, January can feel a little ‘flat’ and uninspiring so to help you get back on track.

1) ‘Less is more’ – Time management

Take a long hard look at your diary and the way you are spending your time. How does this look to you? Who really is in charge and in control of your time? A long list of to do lists and tasks may well not be as productive as you think. It might be time to adopt the ‘less is more approach’ and to stop trying to cram everything into your day. Leave spaces for the unexpected, things that crop up that will require your undivided attention. Leave spaces to just ‘be’.

2) Drained or energized? – Energy Management

Look at your energy levels. Are you constantly drained or fully energized? Make sure you use your energy to be in the moment and enjoy life to the full. This is very much like dancing and being fully present and alive with the partner you are with. This will work best if you are looking after your physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Conserve and protect the energy you have instead of expending it on tasks and issues that are really not that important.

3) Untangling yourself – Letting it go

Lose the stuff that is holding you back – keeping you stuck or simply just weighing you down. These might be attitudes, beliefs about yourself and others. These might possibly be friendships or other relationships that have simply run their course. They were good while they lasted, but perhaps it is time to move on. There is no need for unnecessary rancour, accept and be grateful for the time you had but also accept that now it is time for change. Some dances and partners need to be left behind.

4) Moving on – Forgiveness

Make the decision to forgive and then get on with your life. Holding onto resentment and grudges only serves to keep you firmly stuck in the past and rooted to the spot. This is not conducive to you living and dancing your way through the life you have. Without forgiveness you will always remain living in the past. Remove the burden of being judge, jury and executioner and allow yourself to live the life you really want. Forgiveness does not mean you forget or pretend to a relationship that does not exist. It simply means that you remove yourself from the position of judge, jury and executioner. You have better things to be getting on with.

5) This is the moment – Enjoy the now

The time you have is now, yet so many of us are either worrying about the future or living in the past. The past you cannot change, apart from your perspective and your feelings associated with it. It might be time to fully acknowledge, ‘I am, who I am’ and simply move on.

6) Get rid of stuff – De-clutter

Have a good clear out – you cannot possibly dance when you are laden down with stuff. Too much stuff drains energy, weighs you down. It takes up physical as well as mental space. Why clog up your home and life with it? Space has a beauty and grace of its own enabling you to pause and reflect in a conducive and supportive environment.

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