Blue Sky Updates – July 2019

Monthly updates from my life as a career coach and writer…….

Update Friday 7th June 2019

I guess there are times, as a coach when you might have to deliver some tough love to a client.

I know I certainly received it last weekend as I wandered around talking to literary agents as part of a publications event, organised by New Writing South.

The agents I spoke to were all perfectly polite, perfectly respectful but these very busy people were also very clear and to the point:

‘Why are you the person to tell this story?

‘What makes you uniquely qualified to tell it?

‘Why would anyone want to read it?’

‘Who, are your audience?’

Now I need to go away and find some answers….

Update: Friday 14th June 2019

The video below is a tiny snippet from Brighton Goes Gospel’s concert on Wednesday at the Boat outdoor theatre, Hove.

I sang and performed with this wonderful choir for seven years and even though I haven’t sung with them for a year or so now, I’m still surprised at the ways it continues to make a difference to me.

I started with them in 2010, so yes I made friends, how can you not when you are singing together every single week for three months?

Laughter and fun, absolutely, I cannot remember a single rehearsal when we weren’t laughing at something or the other.

Confidence building, yes that too, I became more and more comfortable performing in front of an audience as the years rolled by. And I watched others do the same too.

Now I’m noticing, that confidence is spilling over into other areas of my life, my writing, my interest in comedy and my interactions with people both off and online. Not sure this would be happening in quite the same way without BGG.

So, my question is, if you have a hobby, what difference is it making to you?


Update: Friday 21st June 2019

It’s that time again, to put on my big girls’ pants and post another article on Medium. This month it’s all about change, based on Hudson’s Renewal Cycle. A model of change that I regularly use at the beginning of a coaching relationship with clients. Over the years it’s proved to be highly effective in helping people to make sense of where they are at.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin.

For me this quote beautifully captures, the ‘struggle’ we can have with significant change and the risks associated with that change. When instead of moving forward with confidence, we are trapped, caught fast between the past and the future. Between the certainty of now, and the uncertainty of change.

To read more, please click here

Update – 28th June 2019

It was good to catch up briefly with a past coaching client yesterday and learn more about her new business and how it’s starting to build. And in the spirit of coaching, I had to ask, ‘what difference did I make as your coach?’

To which she replied, ‘when I was in a state of flux and indecision, it was the clarity you brought to my options and your in-depth knowledge that was invaluable.’

I really believe this person is going places and I’m immensely proud to have a played a part in her journey. I’m looking forward to seeing just how far she goes.

So, there you have it, until next month

Janice Taylor