Blue Sky Update – September 2022

In the month our daughter left for university, my husband and I are still adjusting – here is my round-up for September as a coach, writer, and human being.

What are you balancing?

And what I mean is how much are you living in the now and how much in the future?

I imagine this is quite a balancing act – living your life as you pursue future dreams and goals. I see this with people holding down full-time jobs while writing that novel, writing their poetry, painting, drawing, and finding ways to get their art seen.

It can be easy to run away with future dreams and plans at the expense of the life you have now, and something I must remind myself about at times.

‘Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.’ – Jim Rohn

 If this quote resonates with you, then do look at my Trello page – Rethink your career, organised under five headings:

  • Your Strengths
  • Your Dreams
  • Your Values
  • Your Purpose
  • Your Challenges and adversities

I plan to continue adding to this as time permits and will look at how I can reorganise it.

Empty nest

Incredible, the difference a messy room can make now our daughter is away at university. I seem to be constantly finding reasons to go into her room, tidy up, and shift something here and there. I am already preparing her room in readiness for her first visit home.

It is the start of an exciting time for her and a new era for all of us. She did brilliantly to win her place and go, only when she was sure it was the right thing for her.

Forty years ago, almost to the day – I did the same thing and left home to start a four-year degree at Hatfield Polytechnic, as it was then. In a time when there was no internet, no mobiles, no social media, just postcards, letters, and the telephone.

I should also remember that my daughter is far more sensible than I was ????, and she will, in all probability, be fine.

Spinning plates

What do you do when there is almost too much going on? How do you keep track when you are spinning too many plates? Which can you choose to set aside before they fall?

Leaving enough flex/gaps in your diary allows you the space to breathe and the room to take advantage of unanticipated opportunities.

Using some of that space to write, get things out of your head and reflect could also help with feeling overwhelmed.

I consistently use these two strategies to manage my life and business; if something bothers me, it invariably finds itself in one of my journals. Click here to read more.

Finding your joy

Where do you find your joy? What does a joyful you look and sound like once you have found it?

I found some yesterday in delivering my first piece of in-person training – the first in three years. It was fantastic to be back in the room.

Even though it may not feel that this is the time – find those activities that bring you joy and then do them – no excuses, no procrastination, no waiting for that perfect moment. Because I think now more than ever, finding joy and contentment is a radical and defiant act.

Find whatever you can, even if it is in small chunks and if you want to read more, look at my latest posting on careerresilience.

Rhod Gilbert’s work experience

Whoever came up with this programme idea is a genius as far as I am concerned – filming a comedian as he tries out the jobs that many of us might well take for granted.

I haven’t seen all thirty-three episodes across the nine series, but some of my favourites so far include:

  • Florist – enjoyed the no-nonsense banter between Rhod and the shop owner
  • Fighter Pilot – didn’t think he was going to make it onto the jet
  • Journalist – camera operator, and sound recordist who knew it took so much to get a segment together for TV
  • Dustman – the early starts almost did him in
  • Hotelier – enjoyed his towel sculpture of a pair of swans
  • Care worker – I think he fell in love with the residents and staff and them with him
  • Estate Agent – impressed with his strapline, ‘come home to Cwmbran.’

Putting aside that, he is a comedian; I admire and appreciate Rhod’s willingness to step outside his comfort zone and give things a go. Alright, sometimes he did need a prod ????.

So, if you could, what job would you like to try? What options would you like to explore?

If there is something, it might not be a bad idea to check out Rhod’s Work Experience. The half-hour programmes are a bit of a treasure trove and an excellent resource for those looking to change roles.

Until next month

Janice Taylor