Blue Sky Update – Sept 2021

It’s October – and here I must admit it is not my favourite month for all sorts of reasons. So, let’s review my life in September as a career coach, writer, and human being.

Avoiding Burnout

As most of us are getting back into the swing of things after the summer period – I was delighted to be a part of this panel on Thursday 21st September alongside @Jenny Garrett, @Leyla Okhai, @Obehi Alofoje and @Carol Stewart for this vital topic.

And can say it was packed with valuable insights, practical tips and in-depth discussion.

To watch and listen in full, click here.

Team building –

Inspired to post after listening to @Jenny @Claudia @ Marie and @Sadia earlier on – How to have Conversations about Race at Work.  The first question around understanding the difference between talking about Race and talking about Racism stopped me in my tracks.

It reminded me of the joy of visiting Jamaica for the first time in 2014 and the importance of celebrating your heritage and culture.

Go slow days

After waking up yesterday morning with a cracking migraine – I decided to have a ‘go-slow day.’

I would work at a pace that would allow me to rest when needed and take the extra breaks I might need to accommodate the fact that I was not operating at 100%.

Fortunately for me, I work for myself – I’m not a bad boss ????. I had no calls or meetings in the diary, so it was relatively straightforward to ‘go slow’ for the day.’

I am rather fond of tortoises. We had a few when growing up – so I had no trouble adopting a tortoise-like approach to my day.

It was bliss, and today I feel so much better for it.

So, how often do you need or allow yourself ‘go-slow’ days?

Fun fact Friday

With clear blue skies and no migraine today – it’s been a good week for work, catching up with friends and writing.

And because it is the end of a busy, productive, and fun week. It doesn’t always happen. I thought I would share three fun facts about myself:

Number one, I performed the wedding ceremony between Prince Aloysius Charming and Cinderella – and yes, it was very close to the end of the performance. But I was thrilled to be picked out from the audience and asked to play Reverend Janice. I believe I brought a certain gravitas to the role ????.

Number two, a student enrolled at the college where I worked, wrote a complaint about me and sent it to the Queen. I first knew about it when my boss called me into the office with the note in his hand and demanded to know what had happened. It still makes me laugh today and taught me if you want to complain – don’t mess around; go straight to the top.

Number three, I performed two comedy routines for a small but select group of friends and family after attending a couple of stand-up courses. I am not sure I have fully worked this out of my system; I may well go back for number three in 2022. Who knows?

So, what fun facts are you able to share?

Until next month