Blue Sky Update – November 2019

A monthly recap of my life as a career coach, writer and human being

Update – October 4th, 2019

What three things are you committed to working on every day?

I’ve decided to stop messing around and crack on with my piano practice and exercise in addition to the journaling I do every day.

Writing, consistently every day for the past two years, has been quite a revelation for me. So, it seems worthwhile applying the same approach to the two other areas that I’d like to, progress.

It’s still very early days, have only been going with my new regime with the piano and exercise for the past two weeks. But I am already noticing; it’s easier just to fit in 15 minutes or so a day of practice and exercise, rather than trying to schedule in special slots during the week.

Though I suspect it will be some years before I’m playing my first piano concerto ????

Update – 11th October 2019

I am starting to have a bit more fun with Twitter – engage more rather than just tweet and run. Despite being a member for ten years, I have in all honesty spent a large proportion of that time, mainly posting. Now I can see that this has been like broadcasting my news non-stop, without really taking the time to stop, listen, and follow up on what others were saying. Not something I would remotely do in person.

So, these days, I schedule no more than two tweets per day, and after that, it’s responding to questions, liking or resharing tweets and articles depending on what is happening. It’s amazing what you can convey with a gif in response to a question, or issue raised.

A few months back; I was wondering about the relevance of Twitter and what to do with my account. But since adopting a post less, engage more approach I am noticing a steady increase in followers, and engagement much like on LinkedIn.  It’s also helped that I’ve stumbled across the huge writing community on Twitter and their generosity in supporting other writers.

Update: Friday 18th

‘Janice, you are not an emergency service.’

I had good reasons this week to recall these words, shared by the amazing woman who was my supervisor when I first started my training in career counselling.

She was helpfully reminding me of the importance of knowing and holding my boundaries, and I guess only time will tell, how this pans out with future work.

But on a different note, I was pleased to have been included in this week’s Thrive Global’s publication on what we can learn from the wisdom of children. To read it in full, click here:

Update – Friday 25th October 2019

Attended two incredibly useful events this week; one on applying for Arts Council funding, the other on writing dialogue for screen and fiction.

I came away from both feeling strangely uplifted and inspired. Realising, that for me at least; it makes more sense to focus on my pathway towards success, rather than worrying about the odds of success.

In other words, I need to keep working on my plan, doing something on it every day.

So, what has inspired you this week?