Blue Sky Update – March 2021

Here it is, March’s recap of my life as a career coach, writer, and human being.  I am looking forward to ‘blue sky’ filled days and the opportunity to deliver more online workshops and coaching. Things are picking up ????.

Update – Friday 5th March 2021

What do you do when things do not go as you hoped? How do you manage your disappointment and look after yourself?

Almost, always the first thing I do is write it out of my system. Get it out onto the page; far better for it to be on the page than churning around inside me. And knowing that I am the only person with access to my journal gives me the freedom to fully express my feelings.

For me, there is something both powerful and wonderful about regularly putting my thoughts down on paper rather than having them interminably rattling around inside my head.

Setting pen to paper often helps me stand back, take a more considered look at my situation, and sort the wood from the trees. It works almost every time.

So how do you manage?

PS I also like to remind myself that tomorrow is another day.

Update – Friday 12th March 2021

 How do you get the inside scoop on a potential employer?

Pick a company, any company; your mission should you choose to accept it is to see what you can find out about them both online and offline.

What can you learn about them from their website, their social media? Are they on LinkedIn, Twitter etc.? If so, what are they saying and how regularly? Are they talking about values, mission? Does it seem authentic to you? In other words, are they espousing diversity and inclusion but not showing it in their employee profile, supplier, or client list? Who do you know that might have a connection to the company?  Would they be willing to talk? How else can you find ways to read between the lines?

In an age where jobs are more hidden, where it is more difficult to rely on job descriptions (what do some of these mean?), it might come down to what you can find out about the organisation and the people that run it.

Last week, I saw a LinkedIn post/article on researching the Senior Management team when considering a job role but can no longer find it. If anyone recognises the one I mean, please do let me know.

Update: Friday 19th March 2021

How do you routinely start your day?

My routine has evolved over the past year into something I think is helping my overall mental health and well-being:

Up at 8:15 am at the latest, I am not an early riser unless it is entirely necessary.

A few rounds/cycles up and down the stairs to get myself moving, get my heart pumping.

Some mindful ironing, no more than three items at a time, seems to help me focus and still my mind. (This from someone who refused to iron anything for a couple of years; it was not a priority at the time ????.)

Cold showers, I started with this last October, and I am currently up to about two minutes – this certainly gets the blood pumping and wakes me up. I plan to start swimming in the sea, so this is also part of my preparation.

My little routine is likely to evolve further, but it is working for me for the moment.

So what routines are helping you?

Until next time

PS for anyone interested in the benefits of cold-water swimming, take a look here

Update – Friday 26th March 2021

How long is your working day?

As I am self-employed, I am fortunate to have far greater control over my working day. So, when I noticed my stress levels rising recently around juggling various projects, I could make some changes. I have the freedom to rejig my working days, and based on the ‘less is more’ maxim, I have created core hours that will fit with my usual sleep patterns and when I am more naturally alert. I am not naturally an early riser.

I have a daily routine, accepting that for me, at least, ‘less is more,’ less time in front of a screen is better. I have 6 hours as my core time, including breaks. Anything worthwhile that emerges after this is a bonus.

It is probably too early to say, but I think I am getting more done. The sense of relief is immense as I let go of the need to be glued to my screen for the whole day. It is okay to walk away and do something completely different.

I also found this article on shorter working days, and I think now more than ever we should be revisiting this.

Until next month