Blue Sky Update – August 2023

A lovely, quiet, and relaxing month, with lots of time to catch up with family and friends; here is my round-up for August as a coach, writer, and human being.

How do you like to start your day?

 I am not an exceptionally early riser; 7:15 is generally as early as it gets unless I need to travel somewhere. I seem to have reset my morning routine – because the first thing I now do is sit in the garden – so the first light that touches my face is natural while I get some early morning rays and listen to the birdsong. Mainly seagulls, it has to be said.

Once I’ve had my time outside, I can manage a few cycles up and down the stairs, ten minutes of mindful ironing and a cold shower. Usually, it means I am dressed and ready to start my working day or otherwise at 8 a.m., which works for me.

Breakfast comes a little later because once I’ve eaten, I will do some mild exercise – a new addition to my routine since my diabetes diagnosis.

And I’ve stuck with this routine throughout the summer while we’ve been taking some family time – because in the past, I’ve always hated the massive let’s get back into work mode adjustment.

So, what routines help you start your day the best way possible?

Exam Results Day

I still remember very clearly the day the envelope with my A’Level results landed on our doormat at home. I remember Mum hovering by the kitchen door as I removed the typed chit that told me I had passed.

Knowing I could start to move forward with those results was a huge moment for me. I am thinking of all of you who are about to receive your results. And whatever happens, I hope you realise you have options; there will be things you can do because progress doesn’t always happen in a straight line. I hope you realise you are loved, regardless, and you are not on your own.

Read my GCSE manifesto here. 

Rediscovering my love of swimming

Thanks to our family holiday in Corfu and an afro cap. I used to swim twice a week, but somehow, as life got busier and my hair grew longer, it slipped out of my life. And when I did think about it – it seemed like too much effort.

After a gap of six/seven years, it was so satisfying to experience being entirely supported by water and to remember that I still feel confident being out of my depth in a pool. Maybe not so much in the sea.

Especially as I only learned to swim out of my depth as an adult. I still enjoy floating about, gliding through the water, and bobbling in an outdoor pool.

Now, I need to make the time to swim at least once a week – and make it happen.

So, what one thing did you use to love doing that has somehow slipped off your radar?

Taking the first step.

A conversation with a friend recently reminded me that there are times when it is more helpful to ignore the yawning chasm between where you think you are and where you want to be. Sometimes, you need to take that first step, see what happens, and not allow your limiting beliefs or lack of confidence to stop you.

So, whatever you are hesitating over – maybe it’s time to dip a toe in and see what ripples you can create. One thing is for certain: if you don’t start – the bridge will never appear.

I’d better stop there before I go overboard with the metaphors 😉.

But in all seriousness, what is the one thing you need to make a start on?

Until next month