Be your own Rainbow ……………………….Part six

Managing your space…………

“Nourish your eye and spirit with inspiring things. They will bloom with your tending” – SARK

Be your own rainbow – managing your space

This quote illustrates for me how strongly we are influenced and affected by our environment and the space we inhabit. What we choose to surround ourselves with in terms of materials, pictures, furnishings can have a profound effect on how we feel generally and our overall sense of well-being.

What’s in your space?

So, take the time now to observe the space you are currently in. What do you see? Are you uplifted and inspired by the areas you habitually inhabit, or are they dragging you down a little? Consider taking a systematic room by room review of the spaces you regularly inhabit. What changes could you make in the short-term?

Do you have enough physical space or are you are a bit ‘hemmed in’ by stuff? Now, might be the right time to do some serious de-cluttering and re-arranging.  In the short term, you can choose a room, pick one spot and focus on that, until it is how you want it to be. Then choose another room and pick your next spot. This is about creating an oasis within each room, until you can get it all as you want it. Helping you to create the energy needed to get it all done.

Creating the vision

In the longer term, you can be playful with this and use different approaches to generate ideas. Pinterest is a great way to play around with images, palettes, styles etc.

If you are not keen on using IT, why not simply create a collage with the images, colours, textures and layouts that appeal to you and the mood, you are trying to create.  Remember it’s all about creating the ‘life space’ that serves you best.

Also consider whether you have enough access to natural light and materials. This may not always be possible in your current workspace, but it doesn’t hurt to take a good look at the space you occupy and ask yourself, if it is supporting your sense of well-being and if not what options are there for you to change it?

Take control of your life space, to ensure that it is supporting and enhancing your well-being. It is my belief that ‘clutter’ and unnecessary ‘stuff’ can leach energy from us.

How music might help

Also, in terms of your environment, think about using music to inspire and help lift your mood. I know that listening to different types of music helps to energise and get me going again.

Music can just as easily transport you to happy memories as well as sad ones. Identify the pieces that transport and lift you up. Are you listening to them enough? Which pieces allow you to be calm and reflective, which pieces really energise you and get you moving? Which pieces take you back to difficult or sadder times? Is the balance right for you?

If you were to do a timeline of your life, the highs and lows, peaks and troughs which songs, pieces of music would you associate with each period of your life.

Space Boosters

  • Look at your physical space – does it need de-cluttering, freshening up?
  • Find ways to access as much natural light as possible
  • Incorporate some natural materials into your space, wood, stone, plants
  • Create clutter free zones, areas
  • If possible surround yourself with any art that you particularly like or are drawn to.
  • Look at how you can access the music can support and lift you

 So in terms of your space

What do you need to let go of? – Charity shop, ebay, carboot sales

What do you need to take on? – Art, music,

What are you going to do, now?