5 habits for career resilience

5 habits career resilience

Habit one: Strong networks

Build and maintain a strong and extensive network. Form relationships that are based on genuine interests and liking, you need to be prepared to offer help as well as ask for it. Relationship building is always a two way process, you never know when someone might be in a position to provide a crucial bit of help and just as importantly there may be a time when that person is you.

Habit two: Control and ownership

Be prepared to take control and ownership of your career. You will need to be realistic and honest with yourself about where the responsibility lies for your career.  Accept and recognise that you have the biggest stake in your work and career and act accordingly.

Habit three: Your brand

Learn to think of yourself as a brand, if you had to write an advert for yourself what would it be? Learn to become comfortable with knowing and just as importantly articulating your strengths and achievements.

Habit four: Taking Stock

Take regular stock of where you are with your work/career emotionally and psychologically. Are you springing out of bed in the mornings, or is going to work becoming a real drag?  Pinpoint causes of dissatisfaction and any areas of satisfaction and see what you can do to minimise one and maximise the other.

Habit five:  Updating yourself

Carry out regular audits of your skills and knowledge. Ask yourself; what can I do now and know now that I didn’t  know six months ago. What achievements can I point to? What new things can I add to my CV?